cropped view of retired woman with dementia disease putting smartphone with blank screen in toaster

Alzheimer’s Disease: Dealing With Unpredictable Behavior

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive memory and cognitive impairment caused by a degenerative brain disease. Dementia is a word used to describe a combination of symptoms that negatively disrupt memory. Its specific cause is unclear, and there is no recognized treatment to rely on at the moment. Alzheimer’s disease-related brain alterations can occasionally result in…

Unfamiliar person. Concerned senior man asking questions and man showing photo

A Guide To Memory Loss

In healthcare, memory loss is a prevalent concern. It is more frequent in the elderly, though younger individuals may also be affected. We’ll be walking you through memory loss in this guide—from medical history, physical examination to testing.  So let’s begin. Medical History When it comes to medical history, the patient and family members should…