At Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso, the safety and comfort of our residents is our topmost priority. We have implemented a series of safety measures around our campus to ensure that our residents get to retire in a highly conducive environment for a worry-free, content lifestyle.

About Our Safety Measures

Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso is a gated community that only permits authorized staff and visitors to gain entry. This is to protect our residents from unwanted situations that may put their safety at risk. We have also put in place several other safety measures that help our team to facilitate the different senior living programs that we offer in a more efficient manner.

  • Security Cameras – With the aid of cutting-edge technology, we are able to protect the safety of our residents. Surveillance help notify our team should any emergency situation were to take place.
  • 24/7 Security – Having security personnel working our campus in a timely fashion helps put our residents’ mind at ease knowing that someone is always looking out for their safety.
  • Security Lighting – Adequate lighting is crucial to help our residents find their way around our campus, especially at night.
  • Anti-Slips – Our flooring and carpeting are all affixed with anti-slip protection to help prevent falls and injuries.
  • Grab Bars – Grab bars are installed in our campus bathrooms as well as in individual apartment showers to provide support for residents.

Benefits of Having Safety Measures in Your Senior Living Community

Safety measures are important, especially in a senior living community where residents are more prone to slips and falls. The array of elements that we have implemented around our campus provides assurance that we are able to prevent mishaps to our best ability. We also strive to let our residents lead a much more independent retirement even with the assistance we provide residents for their daily activities and medical needs. The different safety measures help to improve the quality of life of our residents so they can better manage their overall well-being along with care and support from our team.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

If you or a loved one is considering moving into an assisted living center, there are clear signals that you can look out for. These are signs that a move to assisted living can offer plenty of benefits in the long run.

  • Worsening Medical Conditions – An increased number of falls may be a result of worsening medical conditions. At an assisted living community, this risk can be mitigated through professional care.
  • Difficulty Managing Finances – When an older adult experiences difficulty in managing their finances, it may be a sign that their mental health is gradually deteriorating.
  • Difficulty in Maintaining Personal Hygiene – Personal grooming, bathing, and showering are some basic daily activities that may be hard for older adults to handle on their own when they are not in the pink of health.
  • Depression of Social Isolation – Older adults who stay on their own may feel isolated that can lead to depression.

Why Choose Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso?

At Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso, our team strives to offer unmatched service that enables our residents to lead a more enriching retirement. Our staff is comprised of professionally-trained professionals who are qualified to render medical care and assistance.

To learn more about living in Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso, contact us today.