Incorporating a series of senior lifestyle values into our senior living community operations will enable residents to fit right in. Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso offers unparalleled daily living assistance and specialized care that will help residents maintain good overall well-being. By creating a warm and friendly environment, residents will feel right at home upon moving into our senior living community so as to uplift their spirits for a much more enriching retirement.

About our Senior Lifestyle Values

Establishing a caring culture is made possible at Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso as all of our team members have a friendly nature that makes them passionate individuals. Residents and staff are very familiar with one another regardless of their background which is an environment that we strive to create for our residents. This positive setting lets residents stay happy and healthy to focus on pursuing their hobbies and interests. The series of senior lifestyle values that we inculcate at our senior living community are as follows:

  • Hospitality
  • Excellence
  • Appreciation
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

These senior living values help our staff foster a meaningful bond with the residents under their care to maintain clear communication which is crucial for the monitoring and management of their health conditions.

Benefits of Having Senior Lifestyle Values in Your Senior Living Community

Maintaining a nurturing environment is healthy for the well-being of our residents. This is achievable through the implementation of our senior lifestyle values that our team stays true to during service delivery. A highly conducive retirement environment enables residents to stay content without any stress or anxiety. Our senior living professionals are able to convey critical information to the relevant parties smoothly when there is good communication with everyone. Every staff member of our senior living community has to undergo extensive member training to equip them with the necessary skills which include educating them about the different senior lifestyle values. Receiving care on a professional level with full dedication and passion will motivate residents to stay positive throughout their stay here at Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

More than 1 million older adults reside in assisted living communities as they are aware of the benefits that they get to enjoy. Assisted living caters to elderlies who require daily assistance with day-to-day tasks. Having specialized care and personal support for their daily and medical needs, older adults stand to enjoy a much happier and healthier lifestyle. This is crucial for their overall well-being including their mental health. They will not feel isolated which can lead to anxiety issues and depression. During an emergency situation, older adults will also have ready access to an immediate response that can protect their safety.

Why Choose Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso?

Experience the best in senior living at Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso. Our range of amenities is extensive to provide residents with in-house conveniences that are top of the class. We place a strong emphasis on developing a senior living environment that lets residents lead an active lifestyle that helps improve their quality of life. All of our senior living professionals are fully trained and qualified to offer unmatched service quality for exceptional care.

To learn more about living in Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso, contact us today.