When selecting the most ideal senior living option for yourself or a loved one, you will be presented with a wide array of choices. The process can be overwhelming if you do not have access to proper guidance. Here, we have put together a list of steps to help you find out where to begin.

Understanding the Different Community Types

  • Assisted Living Communities – An assisted living community offers residents with nursing care and specialized assistance for daily living activities like grooming, feeding, bathing, mobility, and more.
  • Respite Care – Respite care offers short-term care for caregivers who need to be away for a break or an emergency. Respite care can last for just several hours or up to several weeks and months. Respite care can be facilitated as an in-home care service or at an assisted living community.
  • Memory Care – Memory care communities offer specialized care and nursing support to residents with memory-related conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Residents enjoy on-site amenities that include medical and therapy services, meal preparation, housekeeping, and more.

Finding the Right Fit

Will you or a loved one feel comfortable living in a senior living community long term? Explore the accommodation options, the floor plans, location, on-site amenities, care programs and other features of the community to pick the right senior living option. According to current data, over half of the residents of assisted living communities are aged above 70 years old. Ask your older loved one if they are fine with this arrangement or prefer a community where neighbors are within the same age group. For the on-site amenities, find a community that offers the services that your loved one requires such as housekeeping and maintenance, transportation, meal preparation, and others.

Plan for the Future

Most assisted living communities allow residents to transition from one senior living program to another. Older adults who are currently not suffering from any memory-related conditions may eventually develop symptoms that require memory care. If you are looking for a senior living community that offers continuous care, select a community that provides various senior living options all in one place. This will allow your loved one to opt out or add in any services that they require based on their changing needs. For older adults with mobility issues, visit the community to explore the different features they have implemented such as wheelchair access, transportation for mobility-restricted individuals, bathroom grab bars, and more.

Make the Most out of Your Visits

Make prior research before scheduling a tour to a number of senior living communities at a desired location. Ask for referrals from friends, read up on resident testimonials, and search online. Visit a few senior living communities at once so as to expand your options. Do not be restricted to just one as you may not be able to find the exact care program that can cater to the needs of your loved one. Once there, check out the different amenities, living spaces, and common areas and meet up with the care team to learn more about their personality.