Have you decided on making the move to a senior living community? If so, you must know how overwhelming it could get when trying to select the most ideal senior living option for yourself. Here, we have put together a series of factors that can help to point you towards the right direction in selecting a suitable senior living option.

Making the Decision

Ask yourself these few questions to determine if you are indeed ready to move to a senior living community:

  • Are you tired of doing your own household chores that are straining your back and impacting your health?
  • Are you feeling emotions of loneliness or isolation?
  • Do you feel that going grocery shopping, and planning and preparing meals on a daily basis have become more of a chore than a necessity?
  • Are your medical conditions restricting your ability to perform daily living activities such as dressing, grooming, bathing, toileting, feeding, and other maintenance tasks?
  • Do you feel that you lack of social opportunities in your neighborhood?
  • Are you prone to injuries like falls?
  • Do you wish to make new friends with whom you can pursue your interests with?

The answers to these questions can help to point you towards the right direction. You can decide whether or not moving to senior living is an ideal option that can help to improve your quality of life. If you are still not absolutely certain about the different benefits that senior living has to offer, you are always welcome to schedule a tour of our senior living community to explore the many conveniences that you are set to enjoy right at your doorstep.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living offers residents with nursing care and personalized assistance for daily living activities. Residents will receive services for their basic medical needs such as medication management, glucose monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, continence management, and more. They will also receive daily assistance for activities like grooming, dressing, feeding, bathing, toileting, mobility, and more.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a program that is designed to cater to the needs of residents with memory-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Residents will receive specialized care for all their personal and medical needs while also having access to on-site amenities like medical and therapy services, housekeeping, transportation, meal preparation, and more.

Know Your Options

Senior living varies for every individual based on their personal and medical needs. Depending on your retirement vision, you can determine the type of care that you are seeking and the different amenities that you know you will benefit from. You may also wish to consider the possibility of you requiring continuous care like moving from assisted living to memory care. Choosing a senior living community that offers different senior living options all in one place will enable you to transition from one program to another with ease. You may inquire with the senior living community of choice to learn about their care plans and how flexible they are to meet your changing needs.