We’re Nationally Recognized for Our Approach to Senior Living Memory Care


Here at Rittenhouse Village At Lehigh Valley, we offer residents with memory-related problems such as Alzheimer’s disease an exclusive care program, SHINE®. SHINE® makes use of scientifically proven data to come up with methods that facilitate comprehension and engagement, ultimately leading to an improvement in their quality of life.

Our SHINE® program curriculum was awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Alzheimer’s Association®, the United States’ leading, voluntary health organization dedicated to Alzheimer’s care and research. It’s a distinction we share with a very small and elite group of U.S. memory care providers.

Within our memory care facility, we have a professional team of experienced caregivers that will provide the utmost care with respect for all residents. For more information on how our memory care program can help your loved one, you can contact us at 484.212.6577 .

What Is a Senior Living Memory Care Program?

A memory care program specializes in providing care for seniors with memory issues. In our safe, supportive and secure community, residents receive round-the-clock care from trained medical professionals that include nurses. Our experienced team has received training to care for individuals with memory-related conditions, and they are able to provide the full spectrum of care for residents who require it. At our SHINE® Memory Care community in Allentown, PA, your loved one will be well taken care of and in safe hands.

SHINE® Senior Living Memory Care at RittenHouse Village at Lehigh Valley

What Makes Our Memory Care Program Special

Built upon the basis of exploration, our SHINE® program is built around a focus on increasing the confidence, independence, and self-esteem of seniors with memory-related problems. We also want our residents to feel a sense of belonging and make friendships through emphasizing:

  • Neighborhood Design – Created with safety and security, convenience, health, and happiness in mind.
  • Communication – An effective communication flow between residents, care providers, and families.
  • Staff Training – Every staff of the SHINE® memory care program goes through extensive and specialized training to ensure they are qualified to provide the utmost care for residents.
  • “My Story”- Our residents have a handcrafted book used each day as part of the program, which helps engage residents through celebrating their life as well as individuality.
  • Dining – We offer residents a dining experience that makes use of scientific research to stimulate appetite, participation, and interaction.
  • Life Enhancement – Purposeful enrichment is facilitated through one-on-one and group activities which create sensory experiences and also relaxed moments.
  • Neighborhood Design – The design of the neighborhood was created with an emphasis on safety, security, convenience, health, and happiness.

Discover Independence, Confidence, and Self-Esteem

Some features of the SHINE® Memory Care program offered by Rittenhouse Village At Lehigh Valley includes:

  • Encourage physical and mental stimulation whenever possible and an emphasis to maintain social interaction
  • Placing a focus on every resident’s strength instead of limitations
  • Promote active participation in daily activities
  • Celebrating small successes along the way

Discover Delicious Dining

At our SHINE® Memory Care community, you will also find:

  • Nutritional meals that encourage a well-balanced diet
  • Social interaction when dining
  • Peaceful dining environment with assistance whenever needed so residents can focus on their meals
  • Our exclusive “Food on the Run” service for those with tendencies to wander around or have difficulties focusing on their meals.

Discover Fun and Engaging Activities


An active mind is a healthy mind. As such, we offer:

  • Purposeful activities that can be conducted individually or in small groups
  • Activities customized within every resident’s capability
  • Appropriate games that are failure-free and non-competitive

One of the most important areas of our memory care program is to create a sense of belonging. Thus, our SHINE® program includes:

  • Assistance with activities that encourage independence and self-reliance
  • Productive exercises and work activities which gives a sense of personal success and increases self-worth
  • Fun leisure activities which promote friendships

Contact Rittenhouse Village At Lehigh Valley

We assure you that your family members will be in good hands and receiving top-notch care here at Rittenhouse Valley. For any inquiries and further information about the SHINE® memory care program, feel free to contact us online or call us at 484.212.6577 today.

To learn more about our SHINE® Memory Care program, please complete the form below to connect with a Senior Lifestyle Counselor:


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