Do you find it tedious to do things such as making online reservations or figuring out how to label a parcel for mailing? If so, our senior living concierge services at Rittenhouse Village At Muhlenberg can make your life easier. When you first come to us, our team acts as your first point of contact and is always there to lend you a helping hand throughout!

About Our Senior Living Concierge Services

From the moment you move in, our concierge team is here to make the transition go smoothly and help you feel at home. To this end, they can assist you with making moving arrangements and even offer basic interior design consultations to make your new apartment feel more homely! From then on, you can be sure that anytime you pop by our concierge desk, a warm greeting and a friendly smile will be waiting for you.

Whether you wish to book tickets for an upcoming show in town or reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, our friendly team members can handle it all for you. All you need to do is let us know what needs doing and we will take care of every little detail so you can focus your mental energy elsewhere!

Benefits of Having Senior Living Concierge Services in Your Senior Living Community

With a concierge team taking care of what needs doing in your Senior Living Community, residents stand to benefit in the following ways:

  • Enjoy peace of mind that you can entrust the tasks that need doing to our professional team
  • Free up time and mental space to focus on living your best retirement life
  • Never worry about falling prey to senior scams when attempting to navigate online bookings
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Do you sometimes feel like you are at the end of your rope as an older adult navigating life amidst the digital world? If so, consider making the move to a Senior Living Community where a friendly and approachable team is always on hand to assist you with all the mundane yet necessary tasks that need completing. When you leave the little details to us, you can better spend your time on the activities you enjoy doing and the people who matter most to you. Now that’s what life in your golden years should be all about!

Why Choose Rittenhouse Village At Muhlenberg?

Exploring your senior living options in Reading, PA? If so, Rittenhouse Village At Muhlenberg has got plenty to offer you. From concierge services to transportation assistance and catered dining, you can find everything you need to live a healthy and comfortable life right onsite. In your downtime, you can choose to venture farther afield or spend your time socializing with friends and neighbors on campus. It’s all up to you to design a retirement life that suits your unique needs, preferences, and requirements!

To learn more about living in Rittenhouse Village At Muhlenberg, feel free to contact us today.