Making the decision to relocate an aging parent to a senior living community is not an easy decision to make. The process involves a lot of careful thinking and extensive consideration of the different senior living options available. If you are unsure which senior living option to choose for a loved one, here are some resources to point you towards the right direction. Alternatively, you may reach out to our senior living professionals for assistance.

Visiting Your Aging Parents

Visit your parents’ place of residence to look out for certain signs such as the following:

  • Do they appear lonely, lost, or isolated when left on their own?
  • Do they enjoy your company?
  • Is food left untouched on the table or are ingredients starting to go bad in the refrigerator?
  • Have they lost unexplained weight?
  • Is the house properly maintained?
  • Do they have fresh clothes to wear every day?
  • Are your parents healthy enough to handle their own daily living activities like grooming, dressing, bathing, toileting, and others?
  • Are you concerned over their safety when they are left alone?
  • Have your parents recently lost a dear one like a spouse or friend?
  • Are your parents forgetting their meals or medication?
  • Are your parents prone to injuries like falls?
  • Are there untouched mails that extend to months ago?

Any of the abovementioned signs could be an indicator that your parents are living in a non-conducive environment. If you continue to let them age in place on their own, their quality of life will be impacted which will in turn inflict stress onto their mental health or even implicate their overall well-being. Moving them to a senior living community will provide them access to the care they need and assistance for their daily living activities.

Senior Living

Senior living communities today have taken senior care to a whole new level. Apart from offering residents with nursing care and specialized assistance, they also provide a wide array of on-site amenities that relieve the burden of daily chores off their shoulders. Residents can enjoy complimentary transportation, regular housekeeping and maintenance, meal preparation, and more. Residents also get to stay fit and active through the broad range of health and wellness programs that are offered on site. They are also able to maintain personal grooming with on-site barber and beauty services so they do not have to commute. Residents are also provided with delicious, nutritious meals daily to cater to their daily nutrient needs. Each meal is prepared fresh daily from scratch by an executive chef who uses fresh ingredients to maintain rich flavors from all over the world.

Senior Care

Depending on the level of care that you parents need, select the most ideal senior living option for them. For older adults who require assistance for their medical and personal needs, assisted living is suitable to manage their retirement needs. For individuals with memory-related conditions, moving them to a memory care community can help to slow down their symptoms while also improving their quality of life.